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April 2014

Dear Friend,

It doesn’t seem as though ten years have elapsed since the last time that I campaigned for public office, but there has been much accomplished in those ten years:

• Caught state accounting error which had shortchanged Grant County by $1.4 million
• Got property tax billing and collection back on track
• Recovered over a year of lost financial data for county IT department
• Earned over $2 million in interest income for the county
• Captured over $700,000 back to the county from Homestead tax fraud
• Initiated new state legislation to improve efficiency in county government
• Implemented new & improved cost-saving property tax software
• Made vast improvements to the county website
• Improved information security in treasurer’s and auditor’s offices
• Fixed 100-year-old problem with legal descriptions on a large block of parcels

Although I was one of many who have been instrumental in fixing Grant County’s financial problems, I can see that there is more to be done – fiscal accountability is an ongoing effort. I need your help in order to ensure that Grant County’s financial future is secure for us and our heirs. I would appreciate your vote on May 6, 2014, as well as your support in one or more of the areas below:

o Place a 22” x 27” campaign yard sign on your property

o Volunteer to be a greeter at the polls on election day, May 6, 2014

o Financial contribution to “Committee to Re-elect Bainbridge for Auditor”

Please e-mail your name and phone number to me at: or leave a message on my personal cell phone at 765-661-4840. My mailing address is: Roger Bainbridge, 730 E. 50th Street, Marion, IN 46953

Thanks for your support!